Thursday, April 28, 2011

For Sale: Mirrors, Lamp, Wreath, Vintage ash bucket and Antique chairs

We are liquidating many of our possessions in an effort to cut weight for the move. We're hoping to save the proceeds for a few replacement items in Hawaii: a futon or sleeper sofa, a twin size bunk bed, a dresser, 5 bicycles and 3 surfboards, not to mention a few Hawaiian style wardrobe pieces.

I'll be posting more items every few days and will update my posts when stuff has sold. I will not ship anything, I just don't have time, so if you like it please make arrangements to pick it up. All items that are not paid for in cash by May 20th will go into my garage sale on the 21st. Some items may be posted to Craigslist or e-bay before that date. I have made a note in each caption where this may be the case. I gladly welcome all offers.

Large beveled mirror with distressed black frame. $50 SOLD

14" Red berry wreath. $3  SOLD

Side Table Lamp with distressed gold finish and Silk Shade. $5  SOLD

Full length mirror with a great story: Rescued this piece from a house that burned down in our neighborhood in Fresno.  We lived in inter-city Fresno on a block of Craftsman homes built in the 19-teens.  This was an original door to that house.  We kept the original paint, hinges and other hardware on it as well as the charred edges along the right hand side.  For a long time we had this hanging from the ceiling by chains in our Front entry in Fresno.  One day one of the kids was hanging from it and it fell down and the mirror broke.  The kid was fine.  We replaced the mirror.  I love this piece! $50 SOLD

Vintage black ash bucket. $5 SOLD

Set of three Antique chairs. All are exactly the same. They are in loved condition and could use some polishing.  Very easy to reupholster the seats with a screw driver, staple gun and a 24" square of fabric.  Padded seats are very comfortable and sturdy. $30 for the set


  1. Hi Dani,

    How much for your vintage ash bucket? I would love to have it live in my home next. What is its story?

  2. Andrea,
    The bucket is $5. It's ever so exciting story is that Dave brought it home from a garage sale a few years back. :)

    I've also got some other fireplace tools if you're interested.

  3. OK...consider it sold please. I will bring you money tomorrow at church. I don't need the other tools, but I will take them too. How much for them? Do you take a check or cash only? Call me and let me know. Gonna really miss you!


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