Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Doctors Visit(s)

I was trying to plan ahead knowing that our medical coverage is changing and may be screwed up a bit beginning next month.  This past month we have been completing dentist visits, eye exams and regular check ups.  This week I had the last 2 visits scheduled, both for me.

At Heath's check up last week we found out he had to make an appointment with the podiatrist to take care of his ingrown toe nails. I scheduled the appointment for Monday afternoon.  That makes 3 visits this week.

Because I showed up at the wrong office on Monday for my visit I had to schedule another appointment for myself later this week.  That makes 4 visits this week (Though I showed up at the wrong office I'm still counting it--I was at a doctor's office and I spent about 20 minutes there).

When we got home from Heath's podiatrist appointment on  Monday night Cora asked me to look at her tooth because it hurt. Looks like another abscess tooth.  Called the dentist and made an appointment for their first available opening later this week.  That makes 5 visits.

Woke up Tuesday morning to Dave moaning in pain.  He thought he had another kidney stone.  Got the kids off to school and headed to the doctors office.  That makes 6 visits.

Doc said yep it's a stone and referred him for x-rays and scans at another office.  That makes 7 visits. And gave him 4 prescriptions to fill.  That makes 8 visits (the pharmacy counts as a medical appointment right? especially since you have to go there twice-once to drop off and once to pick up--and you have to wait forever in lines and sign paperwork and pay copays).

My mother in law had double knee replacement surgery this week and we have visited her each day so far.  That makes 9 visits (with at least 3 more likely).

Found out I have to take the kids all in for TB tests before we leave.  The Hawaii schools require TB tests prior to admittance.  I think I'll do that next week.

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