Friday, April 15, 2011

Black Bean Roll-ups

As I slowly make my way through my food storage I am finding I have less and less peanut butter and tuna and more and more beans.  In today's lunches I decided to try an experiment, Black Bean Roll-ups. I think I made these up--as far as I know I have never seen these anywhere or had them anywhere. I was looking in my cupboard and my refrig for something to pack for lunches, realizing a little too late that I was out of what I was planning on packing. I scoured the refrig and came up with tortillas, cream cheese and shredded cabbage.  The tortillas and cream cheese alone would be fairly unsubstantial but ok but with cabbage, eh.

I scoured the pantry and came up with some seasoned black beans.  I thought "hummus is basically seasoned garbanzo beans blended up.  What if I did the same with black beans?" So I did it.  I made myself some black bean spread. I blended up a can of Fred Meyer seasoned black beans, drained first, in my blender for 1 minute. I tasted it and it was ok.

I smeared a knife-full of cream cheese on my plain tortilla, swirled a heaping tablespoon-full of black bean spread over the top and then sprinkled a generous row of shredded cabbage along one side.  I rolled the whole thing up and cut it into 4 pieces.  Now for the human trial.

"Kids, come here!"

They all came running from the four corners of the house and after some minor prodding taste tested my invention.  After tentatively placing the roll in their mouth and cautiously taking their first bites their eyes lit up.

"That's good!" they said. I agree, it was very good! Next time I think I'll add some cilatro and a squeeze of lime juice for some extra kick.

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