Monday, April 25, 2011

28 days

Twenty-eight days until the movers arrive.  On May 23rd at 9am they will be here to pack everything in the house and ship it off to Hawaii.  In preparation I have worked up another backwards timeline for myself to make sure I stay on track and have everything ready to go when they get here.

Monday, May 23-movers arrive. Gather the few items from the yard that will go with and put in garage.
Sunday, May 22-day of rest, no work scheduled
Saturday, May 21-finish garage sale and take all unpurchased items to Deseret Industries donation station
Friday, May 20-garage sale
Thursday, May 19-  Put out garage sale signs. purchase balloons. Finish pricing items
Wednesday, May 18-move other garage sale items into the garage. take pictures and post ads on Craigslist.
Tuesday, May 17-move all large garage sale items into the garage.
Monday, May 16-sort through clothes and pack luggage. From this point on we will be living out of suitcases.
Sunday, May 15-day of rest, no work scheduled
Saturday, May 14-finish garage so it is prepped for garage sale items
Friday, May 13-clean out garage, give away remaining food storage items, move all keep items to back of garage.
Thursday, May 12-Help Dave pack
Wednesday, May 11-Help Dave pack
Tuesday, May 10-collect items from downstairs and garage that I can donate. Donate to DI
Monday, May 9-collect items from upstairs and outside that I can donate. Donate to DI
Sunday, May 8-day of rest, no work scheduled
Saturday, May 7-repair door handle on suburban, take table saw and other tools to Dave's bro.
Friday, May 6-copy all important documents twice and secure them at an off-site location 
Thursday, May 5-Clean out freezer
Wednesday, May 4-catch up day
Tuesday, May 3-place antique sewing machine desk on Craigslist with pics
Monday, May 2-place antique catchers mitt and Kodak camera on e-bay or sell to local antique shop
Sunday, May 1-day of rest, no work scheduled
Saturday, April 30- sell comic book collection and baseball cards.
Friday, April 29-Place violins on Craigslist
Thursday, April 28-Place the boat on Craigslist, to include skis, tubes, life jackets, etc.
Wednesday, April 27-TB Skin tests for whole family (for admittance into Hawaii schools)
Tuesday, April 26- Open a Hawaii bank account
Monday,  April 25- Plan the next 28 days

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