Monday, March 28, 2011

Stressed Out

Things are getting hectic around here and everyone is feeling it.  The kids are fighting more than usual, Dave is exhausted and I've got headaches just about everyday. Our minds our weighed down by worry about selling the house here and finding a place in Hawaii.  We are constantly busy fixing, repairing and beautifying the house for the next person to live here.  We have already eliminated about half of our belongings by selling and donating them and must get rid of about half again as much to meet our weight requirements.

It also seems that at every turn, when we get one thing fixed something else goes wrong. The same week I got my dishwasher repaired and running again Kirkham "accidentally" broke the window in the front door by knocking on it too hard. Dave got the water pump in the BMW fixed and ready to sell and then the front grill fell off. I re-caulked the kitchen sink this week and the cupboard door hinge in the bathroom promptly disintegrated.

In an effort to make things run a little smoother I have rearranged my schedule a bit every day.  I have tried really hard to get whatever project I'm working on done before the kids get home. I learned 2 months ago, when I was sorting through books all day and night, that the kids took that as a free pass to run crazy: they didn't get their chores done, they didn't do their homework, they caused a lot of trouble.  So now whatever project I may be engrossed in during the day I try to wrap it up and move it out of the way before the kids get home.  Once they're home we do homework, chores, I make dinner and do menial tasks that don't distract me from keeping the kids in line. This has helped de-stress us a little bit.

I've also been trying to make sure that we have healthier food options around.  When I'm stressed out I tend towards sugary snacks like cookies, ice cream, candy, and cinnamon-sugar toast. The kids do the same thing.  If they have a choice between cookies or apples the cookies will always disappear first.  All that sugar in the system and then all that sugar crashing doesn't help with stress levels.  I've been limiting the sweets I've had available.  I've been making whole grain breads instead of white bread.  I've been purchasing more fruit and veggies and have been presenting them pre-cut and with dip.  I've eliminated most soda pop and juice and have been pressuring everyone to drink more water.

One thing I think I could do better is exercise.  I've been craving a good long walk for weeks but it's been so rainy and cold. I suppose I could walk at the mall or at Target or something but I haven't. The kids have PE in school every day but 20 minutes is just not enough for them. I should probably pull out the Just Dance for Wii and get everyone really worn out.  Or maybe the Wii Fit boxing.  Yeah, I'd really go for putting a few good hits in on something right now.

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