Monday, March 07, 2011

Questions and Answers: Broccoli and Beef

I was wondering if you could send me your recipe for your beef and broccoli. I had it at one time but I can’t find it.

Oh, that sounds yummy! It's been awhile since I've made it and I can't find the written recipe but here goes my memory . . . . . .

Teriyaki Brocolli and Beef

Partially Freeze a 1-2 lb flank or similar steak (they come in 1 1/2"-2" thickness, all one piece). With a sharp knife thinly slice the meat on the diagonal. Place all meat in a gallon size ziploc bag.

For marinade whisk together:
1 cup soy sauce
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup sesame oil

Pour marinade over meat in ziploc. Mush around a bit so it gets all over the meat and let sit in the refrig for 4-8 hours.

Before you cook the meat prepare your rice and broccoli. I do my rice in a rice cooker--plain white rice. Prep broccoli by trimming, rinsing and chunking. Steam in the microwave for 3-5 minutes (depending on how much you choose to serve) with a little water, butter and salt and pepper to taste. Do not overcook the broccoli!! Cook it to al dente--just as it starts to turn a bright green it is done, for now. Set it aside.

Heat your pan, a wok if you've got it, very hot. Add 2 Tablespoons of your choice of oil. Sesame imparts the most flavor but is expensive. Peanut would be fine if you've got it. I prefer canola oil--it is bland and doesn't change the flavor of the dish, is fairly inexpensive and is a healthy oil. Don't use olive oil.

When your pan is hot, ready and oily place 1/3 of the beef--reserving the marinade liquid in the bag--in the pan and move around quickly with a wooden spoon. Because the meat is thin it will cook fast, 3-4 minutes max. You still want it a little bit pink. Remove the cooked meat to a platter or serving bowl. Repeat the same procedure with the other 2/3'rds of the meat: hot pan, oil, cook fast, remove, hot pan, oil, cook fast, remove.

When the meat is done put another 1 T or so of oil in the pan and add your broccoli. You could also throw in a couple handfulls of sprouted mung beans if you've got them on hand. Give the veggies a whirl around the pan for just long enough to grab up some flavor and blacken up a few of the edges. Remove the broccoli and add to the top of the meat.

Last, combine 2 Tablespoons cornstarch to 2 T water to make a slurry. Add the slurry to the reserved marinade, whisking to combine. Pour the marinade into the hot pan and bring to a boil stirring constantly. Cook until the marinade is clear and thickened. (If you don't have a lot of marinade left over or are averse to using the meat marinade--though it will be cooked--mix up a new batch as above). Pour the cooked and thickened marinade over the still hot meat and broccoli. Sprinkle the whole platter generously with sesame seeds and serve with hot rice.


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