Thursday, March 03, 2011

Kirkham's tired

Kirkham lay in his bed this morning all bundled up in my old down comforter that he has recently adopted.  Pillows and more blankets strewn haphazardly around him he cried out "I'm tired and cold" in answer to my call to get out of bed.

Twenty minutes later as I finished prepping the girls for school he was still there and I decided to give him some incentive to get up. I snuggled in next to him using his curled up tummy as my pillow and lifting my feet to rest on the laundry basket beside his bed. The girls giggled as I stretched back into him and he groaned, "I don't want to go to school".

Afton and Cora tried to get in on the fun and attempted to reach in under the covers to tickle and poke their sleepy sibling.  He met their taunts with grunts and growls and ejected a fist out from under the covers.  I called the girls off for their own safety and resorted to a new tactic:

"Remember when you were little and you stayed home with me all day?"


"And remember how at naptime I would rock you to sleep?"


"And how you couldn't fall asleep without playing with my hair?"

A little giggle emerged from under the covers.

"I could cuddle up with you and rock you and you could play with my hair as you fall back asleep . . ."

"He plays with my hair sometimes too!" Afton interjected.

"Only to put knots in it!" Kirkham spat out, still ducked tightly under the comforter. I put a hand up to quiet the giggling of the girls and myself and turned my other arm to wrap around his tight-as-a-turtle form in a big hug. I proceeded in my sappiest mommy-loves-you voice, ". . . anyways, you could play with my hair, fall back asleep and snuggle with me here at home all day or you could go to school.  I'm going to take the girls to school now.  I expect you'll be out of bed and getting ready when I get home if you're not going to stay home and reminisce with me today."

I swung my legs down underneath me and gave him two pats on the back before ushering the girls out of the room and off to school.

When I returned he was in the shower.

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