Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Give Aways

Still working on gutting out this house.  Didn't realize I had so much stuff.  I'll be having another garage sale either this weekend or next depending on the weather. In the mean time I have some pantry items, books, clothing that I will be giving away. If you want any be sure to follow my facebook posts I will be posting them there. I will also be selling a violin on Craigslist (Suzuki, 1/8 size, hard case, new bow, very good condition, nice sound, $250) and I'm hoping to get both my boat and my BMW officially on Craigslist within the next 2 weeks. 

Hit a few bumps in getting the house on the market.  It probably won't go up for at least a couple more weeks.  This worries me a lot but it cannot be helped.  I've been pretty stressed out over it but there is literally nothing I can do to control these things. I finally decided that I have to put it in the Lord's hands, if He wants me to move He'll take care of my house.  I know the problems will be solved soon.

I'm getting less and less worried about the move and more and more anxious to just get there.  I've been very annoyed by the cold weather and snow even though I am glad the kids got to go sledding and build snowmen, etc. one more time.  Most nights I am dreaming about Hawaii and the beach and the warm rain and the Koolau mountains. 

Last night I dreamt I was walking barefoot through my pinneapple garden, the warm wet soil mushing up between my toes. My hands were dirty from digging so I walked across the street to the beach to wash off my hands.  There I fell asleep in the sand.

It was really hard to wake up to a cold house.

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