Friday, February 04, 2011

Selling Books

I have an extensive collection of children's books, juvenile lit, great classics, paperback fiction and reference and non-fiction books.Our basement is lined with book shelves that are stuffed and overflowing.  We have books in the front room, in the kitchen and in the bedrooms.  I've even got a few boxes of books in the garage and a collection of books at my mom's house.We have a lot of books.

The new job and move to Hawaii means we have to do something with all these books.  We could pack them all up and take them with; however, we've only got 7000 lbs allotted to us for the move and I fear we easily have a third that weight in books alone.  We have decided instead that, like our fabric, tool and sporting goods collections before, we will liquidate our book collection.

Today I am working on whittling down my book collection.  I am sorting through and finding books I know I will not need or want.  Books like "What to expect when you're expecting", and "First Time Farmer's Guide" and the DK "Big Book of Trains".  We have outgrown these books or they are just no longer useful to us.  As I gather these books from shelves I am loading their ISBN's into a website and discovering that many of my books are worth money.  I will be trading these ones in. and are both websites that let you type in the ISBN and then it tracks down the highest paying book buyer online for you.  So far I am selling books back to, and  All three pay for shipping and pay me through PayPal.

Many of the books that are not being accepted by online booksellers are still good books.  I will put these books in my next moving sale.  Some of these titles include "Geographica", "Landscape Design and Construction",  and many, many paperback fiction by Clive Cussler, John Grisham and others.  I will offer these books for 50 cents each at the moving sale.  Then of course I have a ton of children's books by Mercer mayer, Dr Seuss, Cynthia Rylant, etc.  That I will sell for 10 cents a book or a bag full for $1. Quite a deal!

Any books that are left over I will take to Half price books or Revolving Books.  Both are local used-book stores that purchase books.  I may have a thing or two that they will pay for but most likely these companies will just help me out by donating any books they cannot use to literacy charities. My leftover children's books and some of the reference books will go to the teachers at my local elementary school.

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