Monday, January 31, 2011

To Carpet or not to carpet?

The moving sale was quite successful this weekend. Though it was raining and cold I made $350. But more importantly I got rid of a LOT of stuff.  I was a bit surprised that only a few pieces of the furniture sold.  Those went up on Craigslist last night and are quickly disappearing also.

I am working on cleaning out kids bedrooms today.  Our emergency water storage was stored under their beds. I put it up on Facebook and have a friend coming to take all 120 bottles of water this afternoon.  I'll be going through clothes and toys and am sure I will have a lot to put out in the garage for the next sale.

This morning the kids and I counted the weeks until Dave starts the new job: 14 weeks.  Within a couple weeks of him leaving we'll pack everything up for ocean freight.  It will take about a month for everything to get to Hawaii so while the stuff is being shipped and the kids are finishing school we'll be staying with family. Hopefully the house will be sold by then.

While I clean today I am debating whether it is in my best interest to re-carpet the whole upstairs (downstairs carpet is newer and in good condition). The front room, dining room and hall are a copper color carpet with a some minor discoloration near the windows and wrinkles in the hallway. It is not terrible but it is not good either. The girls bedroom has grey carpet.  It has spots and a few smallish paint drips from when I let the girls help me paint their room (oops). I really don't like that carpet.  The carpet in the boys room and the master bedroom are non existent. Shortly after moving into the house we tore it out because it was so bad.  Those rooms have hardwood floors but the hardwood isn't in good condition either; it needs to be refinished.I think it would make for a better presentation to put in new carpet but would cost me $2000.

What do you think?  Would you pay a little more for a house that was finished right down to the carpet? Do you think it would be in my best interest to re-carpet?


  1. Hi Dani....I think that in this housing market, one must do everything in their power to make their house stand out from all the other homes in the same asking price. It is definitely a buyers, even though it is expensive, it will be money wisely spent. Buyers want as much as possible for their money, and since you want to earn as much as possible, then you must get new carpet too. If I was a buyer, and a seller didn't have great carpeting, I would try to lower the price by quite a bit, so that I could have new carpet installed. And if YOU pay for the carpet, you get to choose how expensive you go....if you wait for the buyer to negotiate it, then they will always for for at least double or triple what you could have spent yourself. So, if you would spend only 2K on carpet, they will try to negotiate you down on your price by probably 5k. Certainly NOT what you want to happen. This is of course, just my opinion.

  2. Sorry...the last post was supposed to say it was from me, and not Dave.

  3. I agree with Andrea :) If I were a buyer, I wouldn't mind paying extra 3-5k if I see that the house I'm buying is already well-carpeted :) It would spare me the hassle of shopping for a new carpet, and laying it nicely and fittingly on the floors ;)


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