Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shopping List and menu, 1/26/11

As of today shopping lists and menus will be changing big time. The new job comes with a moving package but not a lot of weight, 7000lbs. I'm not going to be taking any food storage with me.  That means for the next 21 weeks we will try to eat our way through all the food in two freezers, a pantry and 2 shelving units in the garage. This is going to be a challenge.

I will still need to buy milk and fresh fruits and vegetables on occasion though I've got plenty of all three in cans.  Apparently I'll need to get used to using powdered milk anyways because milk is $6 per gallon in Laie! I'm sure I'll run out of a few things quick, like butter. I'll restock that as needed but I'm going to do my best to make use of everything we've got and purchase as few things as possible. Wish me luck!

This weeks menu:
Wednesday-Leftover Toscano Soup, Breadsticks and salad
Thursday-Hawaiian Haystacks
Friday- Pizza Night: Canadian Bacon and Pinneapple
Saturday-French Onion Soup with toast and spinach salad
Sunday-Breakfast for dinner: crepes
Monday- From the Freezer: Pasta Fagioli, french bread and salad
Tuesday-Taco Tuesday: Bean and Cheese Burritos and Mexican Rice

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