Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scheduled maintenance

I'm still working on the master bathroom remodel so no pictures yet. I keep running into problems.  When I was putting in the new light fixture I discovered a huge hole in the wall behind the old fixture.  A hole that would not be covered by the new wall support of my light. After installing the mouldings around the floor I discovered I had the wrong kind of caulking to seal the seam between the flooring and the moulding.  When I was installing the sink I had a hard time finding any fittings that fit my old 1 1/4" pipe that was installed low and didn't extend out very far. Needless to say I've spent a lot of time at the hardware store this week.

In between trips to the hardware store I've filled my time doing scheduled maintenance. Last Friday I cleaned the carpets: high traffic areas, upstairs.  Over the weekend I touched up paint: chipped corners, scuffed mouldings. Monday I spent some time in the yard filling my yard waste bin and making a dump pile of construction waste in the side yard.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I put away the Christmas decorations.  And today while I wait for caulking and paint to dry on the bathroom floor mouldings I am pulling out the old discolored caulking around the bathtub surround (and blogging).

It has been so long since I have done any of these simple tasks--due to last year's school schedule--that now that I'm doing them my house is really beginning to feel like a whole new place.  I'm really starting to like my house again! And then of course the more I do, the better I feel and the better I feel the more I want to do, kinda.

Some of the other scheduled maintenance projects I am considering are: waxing my kitchen floor, sorting through the kids old toys, pressure washing the back porch, putting bark down in the ornamental garden beds
I've got a lot of other things I could do too but these are the items really on my mind. However, I'm not even ready to commit to these ones yet either.  I mean, really, who wants to wax and polish a kitchen floor that just needs replacing? It dates back to the 80's doesn't go with my color scheme has gouges in it and, yeah, just needs to be replaced. Then again, replacement will cost me some moolah, take some time and will be inconvenient--probably not a good project for wintertime.

Sorting through the kids toys is not really a huge project because I'm only talking the "little kid toys" that are stored in an armoire in the basement and are only pulled out when cousins or little friends come to play.  I'm not going to touch the toys that are in the kids rooms, that would take much too long.  I'd really like to move our collection of family games from the tops of the bookshelves in the basement, into the armoire. The one thing keeping me from tackling this bit of scheduled maintenance is that I know I will have to confront some serious sentimental issues going through those toys.  My kids have outgrown them, they don't need them anymore.  I'm not ready for my kids to be all grown up.  I'm not ready to get rid of the little kid toys.  I keep rationalizing that I need to keep them for visitors and some things I want for my own grandchildren.  Dave keeps telling me to "box them up and put them in the garage at least", "when visitors come we can pull toys in from the garage for them", "we don't need these toys taking up precious space".  But I kinda want them taking up that space.

My back porch looks horrible.  It has years worth of chipped paint and muck ground into it.  I really don't understand why someone would paint perfectly good concrete in the first place--paint makes the concrete slippery, it chips off and it gets discolored easily from normal wear.  It looks bad.  But now I don't have much choice, previous owners have laid at least 3 layers of paint over my concrete.  I need to pressure wash it to get it ready for a new coat of paint, preferably a paint with traction beads and the color of concrete.  My garden beds also look horrible.  I haven't maintained them at all since the beginning of summer.  Weeds need to be pulled, perennials need to be pruned and bark needs to be added to keep those weeds from coming back in spring.  However, both paint and bark wash away in rain and, guess what, it'll be raining here until at least April.  I can't tackle these maintenance jobs either.

There are always so many things to be done around a house.  It would be really nice to have everything done but not quite practical right now.  I'll have to schedule these items out a bit.  I'll move the toys when I get around to painting the basement.  I'll wash the porch and put out bark when the rain slows down.  I'll replace the kitchen floor when I've got some money burning a hole in my pocket and maybe I'll wax my floors next month?  For now I think I will go finish installing my new cabinet and sink in my bathroom.

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