Thursday, January 27, 2011

Out the window

We were running late yesterday morning.  I had had difficulty sleeping and thus had difficulty waking up.  The girls slowly rolled out of bed when I roused them 25 minutes later than usual.  They were late and so I drove them to school.

As we rolled up to a stop at the front of the school I rolled down the back passenger window.  A few months ago the interior handle of the door stopped working, it now hung loosely in it's socket. I expected the girls to reach out the window and grab the exterior handle to open the door, it was either this or I would have to get out and open the door for them chauffeur style.  I was in my pajamas still.  I was not going to open the door for them.

Before going to the door Cora leaned over to me to get one last hug and kiss while Afton fumbled with her book bag, lunch and a few loose papers.  Cora released me and bounded toward the window and out, OUT THE WINDOW!

"CORA!" Afton screamed-- I'm not sure if she was concerned for her sister's safety or mortified at her sister's ignorance of social custom. Cora turned, smiled and skipped off to class.  Afton opened the door, climbed out and blew kisses to me as she headed down the breezeway still cursing her sister.

I giggled to myself as I rolled up the window and pulled out of the driveway.

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