Friday, January 07, 2011

I'm on a roll!

I can feel it already: 2011 is my lucky year.  Already this year I have accomplished at least one major milestone.

Do you remember Monday, January 19, 2009? It was the blog post in which I was bemoaning my inability to commit to completing the dining room valance for which I had already purchased fabric. A day seared into your memory, I'm sure.

Yesterday I completed my valances AND hung them up.  Please ignore the fact that the fabric is likely out of style now BUT it is complete AND I can check them off my list of New Year's goals! Hurray for me.

Yesterday I also completed the up-cycled chandelier that has been making the rounds through the corners and cubbies of my house for over a year.  It was a discarded piece (FREE) with a near complete set of teardrop crystals.  Last summer (2009) I spray painted it a dark brownish black metallic.  This Fall (2010) I rewired it.  Last week I finally got around to purchasing mini lamp shades.  And yesterday I made a fabric cord cover (with leftovers from the valance) and hung it up!!!

This week I have also cleaned out my front hall closet--for which a new door was ordered yesterday, oh joy!--and I'm in the midst of helping my hubby finish our master bathroom (minor) remodel.  We have put in:

  • New flooring, repairing the dry rot underneath.  
  • New caulking around the tub/shower.  
  • New floor mouldings.  
  • Touch up paint. 
  • New vanity, sink and mirror.
  • New lighting.
 There have been a few problems along the way and a LOT of trips to Lowes.  In fact I have to go back today to get a flex end trap for the sink drain and a smaller mirror. The paint and caulk should be completely cured by tomorrow night when Dave will remove the toilet from my tub and reinstall it where it belongs. I think I hear a bubble bath calling my name.


  1. what?! no pictures of the bathroom? I'm so disappointed! haha.. I would love to see the completed project!

  2. Dani.......P I C T U R E S please. You are amazing. Super woman for sure.

  3. Where are the pics?


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