Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I am off to a bad start this morning and will not be getting around to showing off my beautiful new bathroom until tomorrow (I hope). I am strangely un-tired after a night of fitful and elusive sleep but I am not my usual self. I feel like my head may be full of Jello and feet made of mud.

I made today's lunches in the usual manner: got out the bread, sliced the bread, pulled the ingredients onto the counter from the fridge and began assembly. Cut the apples, peel the carrots. Open the bread and spread the . . .mayo? Mayo? Where is the mayo? No mayonnaise. How could I run out of mayonnaise? I had jars and jars of it and yet I couldn't find any in the pantry. OK, well that ruins the ham and cheese sandwich plan.

I switched plans to toasted ham and cheese. For Christmas Dave got a panini press. The kids have been begging for a panini in their lunch but I was thinking that a cold panini wouldn't be appetizing. This morning I decided a cold ham and cheese panini was better than a dry ham and cheese on wheat bread. I warmed the press, closed the sandwiches and buttered the outside with some butter that the kids had melted the previous evening and put back into the refrig. Or at least that was what I thought I was spreading.

About a minute after closing the press, just when the fragrance of toasted bread usually fills the air, the smell of burning sugar and vanilla wafted past my nose. Turns out the melted butter dish was behind a dish of picked-at vanilla pudding. I threw open the press to find bread glued to the grill plates, at least that made it easy to remove the ham and cheese to hamburger buns.

Yes, hamburger buns. I had planned my meals so precisely over the weekend that I had enough bread for today's lunches only. While the kids were at school I was going to make more. Thank goodness we didn't use up all the buns I made for the BBQ chicken sandwiches we had last night. The kids think it's funny (in a good way) when I use buns for their sandwiches. I think they'll forgive the lack of mayo.

Next problem was discovered when I opened the refrigerator to grab a few capri suns and found shards of glass on top of the ice cream. The culprit was the jar of chicken and dumplings I had placed in the freezer on Sunday night. I had put it in for a quick cool before moving to the refrig. I forgot to move it to the refrig.

No sooner was the glass cleaned up and the super delicious chicken and dumplings sadly thrown out than Afton called me from the downstairs bathroom. She threw up. I sent her back to bed. Right on cue Kirkham asked if he could go back to bed.

"Did you throw up?" I asked.

"No, but I'm tired." he responded from his slumped position on the couch. He was instructed to call me from school if he threw up or was feeling feverish. He begrudgingly tromped out to the car.

Meanwhile, Cora couldn't find any shoes. Her boots were missing, her tennis shoes were missing, her church shoes looked funny with her outfit. I made her wear her sister's shoes--they're only a half size difference--to the dismay of both girls. Afton demanded that Cora agree to not play soccer in the mud while wearing the shoes, a reasonable request. Cora went into super grump mode as if no soccer for a day was going to kill her. I dragged her and myself out to the car for the short drive to school.

In an effort to avert further mayhem from my day I will spend the next hour on me, purchasing some energy and focus by doing some aerobic yoga and deep breathing exercises following which I will enjoy a tall sunshine smoothie and hand full of almonds while studying and praying.

Then I'll attempt to clean the panini press.


  1. Poor Dani, some days just start by kicking us it seems. So sorry :( I hope you have a better week :)

  2. Perhaps my favorite post on your blog. Boy can I relate! Love your writing, Danny. xx jon call


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