Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Bathroom mini-remodel

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of what the bathroom looked like before we tore it all out.  It was atrocious and embarrassingly ugly.  Even if I had pics I probably wouldn't post them. But imagine, if you will, a tiny little bathroom with ugly old 70's era yellow square design linoleum with gouges and stains. In the corner squished between the toilet and the wall and directly behind the swing of the door when you come in is the shortest fake honey oak sink vanity that you've ever seen with a seashell sink and a bright fake gold two handled faucet.  Just above that RV style vanity was a honey oak medicine cabinet that stuck out way too far for such a small space.  All of this was topped off with an oak 3 light fixture with gold accents: ugly.

Now our master bathroom looks like this:

We have new flooring. Yes, it is vinyl tile that looks like wood planks. Yes, I know that is a little cheesy but I was thinking practicality and economy. And I love it!

I really like the new floor heating vent cover that Dave found.  It is brushed nickel to go with the other accoutrement in the room like the faucet, light, towel loop, TP holder and robe  hooks.

I am especially proud of the moulding I installed around the floor.  I cut and joined and filled and painted all by my very lonesome. The color of the walls is Brass Tack and I used Wal Mart paint, of course. (I have used Wal Mart paint for years and it has been wonderful.  Even my red in my kitchen is Wal Mart and went on in two coats.)

The beautiful new vanity with a rounded split front.  The interior has a drawer perfect for hiding personal items. The wood is cherry and is topped by a beautiful porcelain sink and a simple brushed nickel faucet.  These were all purchased at Lowe's.  We bought it at Christmas time and it was $248.  This week it went on sale for $169 so Dave took back the receipt and they refunded us the difference with which he purchased more home improvement stuff. The mirror on the wall was harvested from the downstairs bathroom because the first one I got didn't fit.  The first one now lives in the downstairs bathroom.

To top it all off we got a simple but elegant 3 light bath bar. There was a huge hole behind the old light that we tore down so behind the new bar I built a frame to cover the hole.  It is currently painted white but I may paint it the same color as the walls, I'll decide later when I've got time.

How do you like it?  Does it make you want to buy my house?!


  1. I love it! Having seen the before, I can't honestly say...what a difference! It's beautiful. But the before still wasn't as ugly as my Tacoma house bathroom before the remodel. Haha...

  2. I'm sure you meant you CAN honestly say and Thank You! Yes that Tacoma house wins hands down but I don't think it's fair to compare an 80 year old bathroom to a 30 year old bathroom. Do you? :)

  3. Thanks for posting these pictures! A new bathroom just in time to sell... I'm sad we'll lose you.

    Did you caulk the bottom and the top of the molding? It looks awesome.

  4. Jennie-yes I did caulk both top and bottom, kindof. Along the top I used a filler that you just kind of rub in and wipe off the excess, similar to spackle. When it dries it is hard and completely paintable.

    Along the top I caulked around the rough edge with silicone caulk before putting the moulding on and then I put a small bead of latex caulk around the edge after. The silicone is to protect the inside edge of the flooring and the walls should any water seep in. The latex is on the outside because it too is water proof but also paintable.

    To get a nice clean line I put down a line of painters tape on the floor and another at the bottom of the moulding. Squeezed the caulk into the crack and then ran a wet finger along the caulk to press it into the crack and get a smooth clean line. Before it dries take off the tape.


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