Monday, January 17, 2011

400 pounds lighter

I lost 400+ lbs this weekend! It was so much fun and I feel so light and free. On Saturday morning I popped out of bed and set to work. Within a few hours we had the back of the truck full of trash and the entire suburban full of donations.

After demolishing the bathroom we had a lot of construction debris in the yard. We also had lots of old broken down things and large items that don't fit in the garbage can waiting to be hauled away. We loaded up old broken pots, rotten lumber pulled up from the landscape and old parts and stuff from the garage.

In the garage was a large pile of donations that had been accumulating for a few months. In the pile were bags of clothing that no longer fit the kids, Christmas decorations that I didn't like any more, picture frames that no longer matched the decor, fake flowers and trees that I got sick of looking at. These were all things that were perfectly useable but weren't being used by me. I'm glad that they are going to a new home.

The kids hopped into the truck and we took a quick trip to the Tacoma Dump. Heath helped me toss everything out of the truck and into the garbage bins. It felt so good to grab that old disgusting sink (from my bathroom) and throw it hard and far. The girls stayed in the truck and watched through the back window; so much fun to watch.

Later that evening I took a trip to the Deseret Industries donation trailer. Not quite as much fun so I ended up doing this one on my own.

It felt so good to get rid of that stuff that I have since accumulated another pile of stuff to get rid of. But I think these things will go on craigslist: a medicine cabinet/mirror, elliptical exerciser, two bi-fold doors, 2 50 gallon water barrels, a wishing well and more!

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