Friday, January 28, 2011

4 weeks from now (maximum) the sign goes up on the house.  Here is my list of must-do's before that sign goes up

  • Clear out all clutter
  • Eliminate as much furniture as possible to make it look more spacious
  • Clean the moss off the roof
  • power wash the patio and driveway
  • take down the wind chimes and birdhouses from back porch
  • fix the front garden bed terrace
  • plant flowers along walkway
  • putty, caulk and paint the new closet doors
  • handles on new closet doors
  • 2 new light switch plates installed
  • finish moulding around dining room door and window
  • take down shelves in kitchen and above the computer desk, repair holes in wall
  • erase the kids heights from the kitchen wall edge
  • new flooring in kitchen
  • remove all magnets and artwork and notices and comics from refrigerator
  • new faucet in main bathroom
  • re do caulking in main bath, downstairs shower and around kitchen sink
  • new flooring in main bath
  • rearrange furniture in master bedroom, removing large dresser and bookshelf
  • take down both bunk beds.  have only one twin bed in each room. slide a mattress under each bed for the other sibling to slide out and sleep on at night.
  • large area rug for boys bedroom--carpet remnant perhaps
  • re-paint the back of the girls door.  I let them paint it themselves, it is pretty crazy looking.
  • secure rails to downstair
  • relocate computer desk
  • paint the entire basement including the ceilings and the fireplace surround
  • spot clean the stairs
  • put a comfy chair by the downstairs fireplace
  • clean out the basement window wells
  • paint the sewing room
  • pack up all the contents of the sewing room and disassemble the large cutting table
  • repair holes in the downstairs bathroom wall
  • repair the front door moulding
  • new glass in front door windows
  • lemon oil polish all wood surfaces
  • clear out garage so it looks like a car could fit inside
I'm sure there is more but just this list is overwhelming me.  This week I have been working on the decluttering and elimination.  Tomorrow is my first moving sale. Anything that doesn't sell will be donated (or put on Craigslist or ebay if they are expensive items). 

Once all that stuff is gone I'll rearrange furniture and set to work painting the downstairs.  I love to paint.  That will be my reward for getting rid of so much stuff.  My Realtor suggested off-white but I can't bring myself to be so boring.  Any color suggestions for lightening up a dark and dreary basement?

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