Wednesday, December 15, 2010

shopping list and menu, 12/15/10

Here's my weekly shopping list in which I use the grocery ads and coupons to feed my family of 6 for under $60 each week. To learn more about how you can save money at the grocery store read my Grocery Shopping 101 series of posts. This list is specific to Puget Sound area stores and sales.

Shopping List
* with in-ad coupon
**at this price when minimum purchase requirements are met. See store ad for details.

Saar's Marketplace
* 4 5# bags all purpose flour .99 ea
* 4 1# butter $1.99 ea
* 2 5# boxes satsumas $3.99 ea
* 1 bunch of celery .50 ea
* 5# Yams .39/lb
* 7# Apples .58/lb
Saar's total $27.00

5# Navel Oranges .50/lb
2 gallons milk $1.69 ea
2 4# bags b/s chicken breasts $1.49/lb (Thursday only!)
3# Beef Round Steak $1.69/lb
4 General Mills cereals $1.49 ea - two $1/2 manufacturer coupons
4 General Mills cereals $1.99 ea - two $1/2 manufacturer coupons
16 oz Lucerne sour cream .99/ea
Safeway Total $33.88

Grand Total $60.88

This is what we are going to have on the menu using the groceries I purchased this week and the stockpile in my pantry and freezer from previous weeks and months of $60 shopping lists. Remember that one of my New Year's goals is to serve a meatless meal once a week, and we have three theme nights per week: Taco Tuesday, Pizza Friday, and Breakfast for dinner on Sundays.

Wednesday- Beef Stew, Biscuits, Tossed Salad
Thursday- French Chicken in a pot, Roasted Potatoes and Carrots, Caesar Salad (we were supposed to have this on Monday but were invited to a friends for dinner)
Friday-Pizza night! Chicken Alfredo, Canadian Bacon and pinneapple
Saturday- TBA
Sunday-Breakfast for dinner! Bacon waffles
Monday- Macaroni and Cheese (supposed to have this last Saturday but the kids opted for Top Ramen when they were put in charge.)
Tuesday-Sizzling Beef Fajitas, mexican rice and seasoned black beans

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