Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Remembering Heath

Today is no ordinary Wednesday. It is December 8th, my brother's birthday. In memory of him we always have Reuben Sandwiches and birthday cake on this date. Happy Birthday Heath, we love and miss you!

Robert Heath Call
At age 11, and with the help of friends Ron Heslop and Dave Brown, 
Heath caught this lovely fish.

My favorite memories of my brother,

  • Age 16/17: him giving me rides to school on the back of his motorcycle--but only if I was wearing my cheer uniform.
  • Age 12/13: the day we got in a big fight because he was relentlessly heckling me. I swore at him and immediately realized I had gone too far. I ran and hid and cried. Later mom came and found me and asked what was wrong and I told her what I had done. I didn't get in trouble.
  • Always competing with him to see who was the better water skier or snow skier.
  • Age 9/10:The year he and I decided to enter the milk carton derby. We saved empty milk cartons for months and attempted to build a float-able boat. Instead we ended up with a backyard strewn with empty, stinky milk cartons.
  • Age 7/8: Trudging through the swamp behind the house looking for and collecting garter snakes and frogs. We came home with 5 gallon buckets full of slithering snakes.
  • Age 14/15: Going to church dances together and being annoyed that all my friends thought he was so cute and nice. I now train my sons to do the same things he did: be friends with all the girls, if you like a girl ask her to dance and then ask all of her friends for a dance before going back to her, smile a lot, and be a gentleman by opening doors, holding coats, and serving drinks or food to the ladies first.
  • Age 12-15: During the summer we would get up early and ride our bikes 1 mile over to the high school pool for summer swimming.  On the way home we would stop at Safeway and buy ourselves a self serve frozen yogurt for breakfast.  When we got home we'd do our chores and then hop back on our bikes to ride 2.3 miles down to the Fircrest pool for swim team.  After swim team we would ride all the way back home.  Occasionally we would ride back for the evening work out too.

Do you have any favorite memories of my brother?  I would love to hear them!


  1. I remember being at a YM/YW activity at the Beckonridge building. I'm not sure what the event was but there was dancing of some kind. At that time, I was in my "I'm here, but not really here" stage and so was hiding in the mother's lounge with some other girls. Anyway, for some reason, Heath kept sending people to the door to tell me to come out and dance with him. I'm still not sure why, but when it was time to go home, I remember walking out to the foyer where Heath was waiting with Dean and Mark Wolvers. They immediately put down their stuff, turned on the stereo they had, and made me dance with Heath right then and there. Bizarre, but then again, that was Heath. :-D I have quite a few good memories of him, and was so sad when he was no longer with us. He was an extraordinary young man.

  2. Dani, you may remember one day when you and Heath were at our house. Heath and I must have been 14 or 15. He and I decided to practice our driving skills. Heath took your old station wagon and I took our mini van. We drove down the hill and around the culdesac a few times. I guess we were going pretty fast chasing each other because our neighbor down the street came after us in his pickup truck. We hid the cars in the garage. He found our house and came to the front door. My memory gets a little fuzzy about what happened next but I think you answered the door and had to cover for us... Heath loved to have fun!


  3. Doctor,
    With the help of my PR advisor I am releasing the following statement in response to your comment, "I have no recollection of said event. I do not now, nor have I ever condoned, underage driving even though it may be on long private driveways and around secluded cul de sacs. I am not one to help hide negligent behavior though I have been known to protect teens from the wrath of their older siblings and help them clean up after bike crashes. That being said --- he sure did love fun! :o)

  4. I wish I knew your brother. I didn't have a real brother as it was just my sister and I , but I did get a step brother when I was ten. He was a great brother and I loved him as if he was my very own brother. Unfortunately, three years ago, he was brutally and senselessly murdered. I know what it is like to loose someone. Even though the circumstances were different in the loss of our brothers....what is the same is that they will be loved and thought of forever.

  5. Dani,
    This is Erin (Williams) Abrams. I found your blog and enjoyed reading your memories of your brother. He was a few years older than me but I still remember him well since we were in the same ward. I remember he was just an all around nice guy that always had a smile on his face. I also remember sitting in the Shaw's kitchen at their bar one day talking to Heath and we discovered that we both had matching moles on the tip of our noses! I have yet to meet another person with the same characteristic. :) Your Heath came over to help your mom plant flowers in my mom's yard when she was sick. I can tell he is a wonderful tribute to your brother.

  6. Don't know if you remember me, I dated your brother before his mission. I came across your blog through mormon mommy blogs of all places and I was enjoying your posts until I came across this one and I realized I knew you! How strange. What a sweet post this is in memory of your brother. I actually just found Dacia and Jacob's blog this week.. something is drawing me to your family right now. You are all so wonderful, I'm sure there is something I need to learn from you. Hope all is well!!


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