Monday, December 13, 2010

My Wishlist and Dave's Wishlist

When I started writing this out it began with a list of 15 items that I really want but I knew no one would get me for Christmas.  A new front door was one of the items.  So was a new bathroom sink. It was mostly a home improvement list. All the items were high priced and would require a great deal of thought and would necessarily be very personalized. It would have been pretty darn near impossible for anyone (even Dave) to satisfy  those demands.

In the spirit of Christmas I eliminated all the nitty gritty stuff that no one would enjoy giving and cut right down to the fun stuff.  Yes, this is as fun as I get:
  • wall mount pot/pan rack with top rack- black metal semicircle perhaps. NO wood, NO shiny metal.
  • 11" magnetic knife bar (do they make such a small size?)
  • a small to medium sized saucier----(12/15/10 editorial note: just found what I wanted on sale at Marshall's.  I bought it and put it on Dave's side of the bed. Do you think he'll get the hint?)
  • a telephoto lens (I think it's called a telephoto? The one to use for shooting sports and close ups?)
  • gloves
  • digital kitchen thermometer with oven safe cord that measures approximately from 0-400 degrees
  • small kitchen scale
  • tuition for a photography class
  • Cute (not cutesie) sweatshirt
Dave on the other hand is all fun! He puts me to shame in the fun department. I doubt he even considered for a second putting a home improvement item on his list, because that is how fun he is.  This is what he wants:
  • Hunting Bow
  • Rifle
  • Surfboard
  • Sweater
Short and sweet. From the looks of the lists I think I'd rather hang out with him than with me.

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