Thursday, December 02, 2010

A few thoughts on gifts

Today, between altering my father's tux pants, baking bread, cleaning house and paying bills, I have been uploading scads of pictures to Costco's photo website.  I am preparing for a weekend full of photo gift creating. I am so excited about the projects I've got up my sleeve; SO EXCITED!

I have also been working on cleaning up my sewing room getting it ready for a sewing showdown as I create my girls' Christmas dresses next week.  They always design their own dresses and then I produce the patterns and   stitch up the set. They have been pouring through fabric, magazines and online dress sites for inspiration and have come up with an impressive assortment of hand drawn designs and, I think, have made their final decision as to which dress will be made.

In my cleaning I have come across a bin full of items that were "placed" (thrown) into the sewing room that need repairs.  I am wondering if I can wrap them up after I have finished mending and give them for Christmas? I don't think Dave will remember the pants that have been in there for a year awaiting hemming and cuffing.  What do you think?

While folding clothes I have been daydreaming about teacher and co-worker gifts for the kids and Dave.  I usually make something for them all and this year I am leaning towards  . . .

Dare I tell you?
Are you going to steal my idea?
I guess you can steal it as long as you are not giving to anybody at any of my kids' (or husband's) schools.

OK, I am going to make some super huge, glossy, yummy caramel apples.  This will not be your customary apple with a stick--I will be using extra large white round candy sticks.  I am debating between double dipped in caramel and dark chocolate and chocolate jimmies OR a thick dip in dark caramel and a roll in spiced sugar (for an apple pie taste) and drizzled with white chocolate. Either way they will be wrapped up B-eautifully with big ol' bows and super cute hang tags. And either way you are not allowed to use EITHER idea if your kids go to the same schools--GOT IT!!!!

Good :)

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