Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm back!

I had a great homework free weekend!  I cleaned up the house, did some laundry and spent the day Saturday with family (at a funeral) and the day Sunday with family (at church and home). It feels so good to be free from the pressure of schoolwork and so good to slowly feel the pressures of real life settling back down upon me. My, oh my, have I got a lot to catch up on.

You know me, I can't go long without a to-do list. With so much on my mind I sat down this weekend and sketched it all out.  These are the things I will be tackling in the next few weeks--I'm so excited!


  • Call my advisor and make sure that all paperwork is completed for graduation
  • Call Independent Study to confirm their receipt of my final projects and tests

Church (I'm in the Relief Society Presidency)
  • Finalize all plans for the Christmas Progressive Dinner for Relief Society 
  • Set next year's meeting schedule and tentative themes/topics
  • Make arrangements for one more "Ladies night out" pre-Christmas work party
  • Gather 4 more quilts or blankets for Bishop's Christmas donations
PTA (I'm the treasurer)
  • Deposit popcorn money and withdraw cash for change for this week's book fair
  • Make bread for the teacher luncheon on Thursday
  • Catch up on October and November's budgets
  • Pay the bills
  • Make a few phone calls re: tax exempt status, tax filing, returned checks
  • Go Grocery shopping.  I haven't been in for more than milk and apples in months.  Because I stockpile I've had plenty still in the pantry and freezer but it's time to get back to couponing to replenish my stockpile.
  • Gut the sewing room
  • Do my "Spring Cleaning" (don't you think it's about time I got around to it?!)
  • Make minor repairs to: wall in kitchen, front closet door, front door windows, exterior moulding by front door, bathroom furnace vent, bathroom fans, paint touch ups, paint downstairs.
  • Sew and install new valances in dining room.
  • Add sheers to the front window (are sheers "in"? I don't know but I don't care.  I'm sick of people driving by and watching us.)
  • Lots of yard work.  I think I'd like to try a winter garden.
  • Paint the chicken coop and winterize including a roof over the run to keep them drier during the day when they are outside the coop.
Personal Projects
  • I'm hosting a Shelf Reliance party on December 4th.  You're invited!
  • Make Christmas dresses for the girls and Christmas ties for the boys.
  • Blog
  • Daily exercise.  Can you believe I have gained 8 pounds while sitting and doing school work all day every day over the last few months. And here with the holidays upon us I am bound to gain more unless I make a concerted effort to get off my butt and get moving so that's what I'll do.
  • Christmas!!
  • Start my new Vintage Fabrics online shop.  You're gonna love it!! I'll post all about it very soon.

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  1. Did you say Vintage Fabrics??? Yay!


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