Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The end is near

When the weather changes I get headaches, really bad ones that last for days and sometimes weeks. Last Thursday we went from sunny and clear to rainy and gloomy.  At 10am I was in the PLU testing center taking my Religion 234 final.  That's when the headache started. 

Yesterday when I was loading up on more excedrin my daughter asked, "Why do you get headaches mommy? Is it because you have too much homework?" I had to laugh.  Sometimes it has felt like my head would explode with all the information I've been cramming in it the last few months.

This past month especially has been quite stressful as I have approached the graduation deadline with several classes still unfinished.  I have started every day with a prayer asking God to increase my capacity for learning and retention.  I have begged for quicker acquisition of knowledge and greater skill in performance on projects, quizzes and tests. Every day I end with a prayer thanking Him for His hand in my work and the patience and help my family are providing me. I know I could not be doing this without Him and them. Just one more week.

My Statistics and Biology finals should be in to the PLU testing center on Friday (cross my fingers--I paid extra for express shipping) so I will take those on Friday and/or Monday. Before I can take the Biology final I have to finish reading all the chapters.  I have 5 more to go but that should be no problem by Monday.  I'll take the Stats final first as I am just doing review on it.

I am wondering what a Calligraphy final is going to be like.  Seems strange to have to go to the testing center will all my papers, inks, pens, guide sheets and rulers in addition to a #2 pencil. BYU Independent Study won't send my Calligraphy final until my teacher marks my final projects as received.  The office got them yesterday so she should mark them today.  I'll get that final expressed too so I should be able to take that by next Wednesday.

I am really looking forward to getting back to real life again.  Never thought I'd be excited to wash a few walls, clean windows, mop and scrub toilets and showers but after the past several months of neglect I am really looking forward to getting down to the nitty gritty. Yesterday I dropped lunches by at the schools for the kids and Dave (I had failed to make sandwich bread in a timely manner).  Before I drove off Dave asked how many lessons I had got done that morning and encouraged me to go home and study hard.  I admitted to him that I had only finished half a lesson that morning--my head was killing me and I couldn't sit still so I vacuumed instead of studying. "The first time in two weeks" I admitted. He laughed.

What a good husband: he wasn't disgusted, he wasn't upset, he laughed.  He laughed and told me again to go home and study though I'm sure he too is looking forward to getting back to real life again in a clean house with a de-stressed and graduated wife. 

Now if I could just get rid of this headache.


  1. You can do it, Dani! I've had major headaches this past week, too...my sympathies are with you. Love & Hugs!

  2. Oh, Dani -- I was just accepted into the BYUI online program to finish my BA. Your comments make me afraid!!!
    I'm proud of you, none the less. You're an awesome blogger, wife, mother, friend. Keep up the good work.


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