Friday, October 29, 2010

You're Invited

Did you notice my new button down on the right hand side bar? It's a Shelf Reliance button and I got paid $10 to put it on my blog and you can too!

Shelf Reliance is a company that specializes in food rotation products, pantry items and the like.  You may have seen their products at Costco or online or at a Time Out for Women conference. Every time I see one of their "Cansolidator" products or free standing shelving systems like "The Harvest" my eyes get dreamy and my heart starts pounding. I really want to have a better pantry rotation system and I really think that their products can help me do that.  I know they will.

So what's been keeping me from getting it? What else?! Money.  They are a bit pricey. The shelving system I want is about $300 online. I know it's worth it: they are very heavy duty and from what I understand are used in the LDS food storehouses.  If they can survive that I think they can survive my family--maybe.

I'm sure you're laughing at me right now wondering how $10 from a little button is going to put a dent in my $300 bill and here is how . . . .

My aunt recently became a Shelf Reliance representative and she sells products for even lower than what's offered online!! Whoo hoo.  Christmas is right around the corner so I invited her to come on over to my place and show me her stuff and her lower prices.  I'm hoping that I can use that gift certificate too (it'll cover some tax).

Would you like to come over and get a look at some of these products for yourself and see what kind of deals you can get? And don't just think of yourself, perhaps your mother, sister, brother, friend would like the gift of organization and piece of mind for Christmas too?  I think so!

Join me for a Shelf Reliance Party
Saturday, December 4th 
at my place

Bring a checkbook if you'd like to buy, a calendar if you'd like to schedule a party of your own, and a friend if you're unsure and need a second opinion (or just for fun).  My hubby will be here, feel free to bring yours too if he's into manly shelving systems to make his garage look better or food storage and emergency products to save his family this winter when El Nino hits (and we're unable to leave our homes for weeks on end trapped by snow with the power out and using the generator to kick start the gas furnace). He'll wanna see it.

And if you want a $10 gift certificate check out this link on their site: FREE $10 gift certificate for the first 100 people.  My Auntie is checking on how to apply the certificate but go ahead and get one just in case--be prepared.

See you on the 4th!

PS If you don't know where "my house" is toss me a note and if you can convince me that you're a real person and not a crazy stalker I'll give you my address.  If I don't already know you please include in your email how you heard about my blog, where you live and two people you know that I know too.  You had no idea you were being tested, did you?

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  1. You should have the party at MY house since I have TWO of these shelving systems! Just kidding! You know I bought one for myself about 4 years ago and then I WON one at Time Out for Women. I love them. Seriously, if anyone wants to see one firsthand it would give me incentive to clean up my basement.


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