Monday, October 04, 2010

Two New Chickens

A couple weeks ago my friend Sheena asked if I would like some new chickens.  She had a friend who was moving.  This friend had 4 chickens, a coop, food and accessories that she would give away free to anyone who wanted them.  I didn't really want 4 chickens and certainly didn't need the coop-- but for free?! I said "Yes!"

These are the four hens we were given.  We chose the names. (All these pictures were taken with my new phone!)
Little Red Hen and Big Red Hen


Friendly AKA Raku (that is Goldilocks in the background)

Aren't we creative with our names?! Goldilocks is named after the hen from the first book of the Fablehaven series.  Raku is thusly named because she looks somewhat like a pot that we have that is a raku fired pot--not really but the kids thought so.

We held onto all four of the new hens for about 5 days.  In that much time we were able to determine that six chickens make a lot of poop and we figured out which ones were the nicest hens.  We decided to keep Goldilocks and Big Red. The other two went to my friend Bobbie.  She gave me my first two hens.

Goldilocks is a Buff Orpington.  She is very friendly, not afraid of people at all, lays light rosy brown eggs and eats a lot.  Big Red is a Rhode Island Red.  She too is friendly but a little bit bossy (she and Lucy are still pecking it out trying to figure out who's the bossiest).  Big Red lays rosy brown eggs. We are now quite pleased to be getting 4 eggs each day.  

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  1. I like what you've done with the place... looks studious! I hope your tests went well! Love you Sis!


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