Monday, October 11, 2010

Mobile blogging

My computer crashed yesterday. We've gotta take it to a specialist to get it fixed, It's that bad. At first the only thing I was really worried about was my photo collection that hadn't yet been backed up. I know it is stupid that I haven't backed up. Really, really stupid. This morning I woke up and realized I can't blog or access my online classes without it either. What was I to do?! No photos and no blog. I was sunk. Until....

Da ta Da! To the rescue; I realized I could access all of it with my new phone! (all of it: blog and classes.
Not unbacked-up photos :()

So, this morning you are reading my very first mobile blog. I have alternated writing using my texting keyboard and my Speak Now microphone. With Speak Now I talk into my phone and it writes what I say. This is not a quick and easy option however. Unfortunately I am a very slow texter and so this is all I have time for today.

Have a great one!

Dani Dooley

Sent from my HTC Evo on the Now Network from Sprint!

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