Wednesday, October 06, 2010


My hand is sore from hours and hours of practicing Calligraphy. Over the course of the Course :) I will learn 4 different styles of handwriting all of them written with a dip pen with interchangeable tips.  Here are some samples of my work.

San Serif was the easiest to learn.  I really like using it but I've got a long way to go before I'm really good at it. The project for the San Serif style was an invitation and it had my address and phone number on it so I am not posting it. I don't want you guys bugging me :)

This is a sample of my celtic alphabet.  I don't really like the look of this alphabet when I write it.

This too is celtic.  I'm getting a little better, I guess.

I had to put together a name project.  My name had to be done on an 8x12 paper and be decorated and matted.  I like how this turned out but I got really tired of writing my name over and over and over again. It took a lot of practice.  This is in the celtic alphabet.

Next I a move on to Gothic and italic styles.  I am halfway through the course.


  1. Love the practice and practice and practice. I love writing and have always wanted to take a calligraphy class. I also like the new background for your blog. Looks nice.

  2. Okay, that is just cool.

  3. You are very good at this, as you are at just about everything. I'll try not to feel too inferior!


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