Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bountiful Basket

Last week was the grand opening of the Lacey drop-off for Bountiful Baskets co-op.  The co-op is a fresh local produce co-op that has delivery sites throughout the Northwest and beyond.  I first heard of them way back in the Spring when I visited my brother in Rexburg and they went horseback riding at the neighbors house.  While I watched the kids ride the neighbor told me all about this great co-op that she was involved in.  I was intrigued.

So naturally I wanted to try out a basket for myself and now that they are local (kinda) I could. I ordered online a few days ahead of time.  It cost me $18 for my first basket and will only be $15 each time hereafter. And the pick up was on Saturday morning.  I had a scheduling conflict so my good friend Sarah offered to pick up mine too. Thank you Sarah!

Now, I must admit I was a little wary.  You know that I am a real stickler for great prices.  I don't pay more than 20 cents a pound for potatoes or 79 cents a pound for apples.  I was worried that my $15 wouldn't be "as wisely spent" as I might if I were just going to the grocery store.  However, it was fresh, local, fun and worth a try--at least once.

This is what Sarah brought home for me:

Isn't that a beautiful basket of produce! This is what it included (all weights are approximate because I do not have a kitchen scale):
6# Potatoes
7 big ears of yellow corn
4 medium pomegrante
9 medium kiwi fruit
9 medium oranges (3#)
4 large wrapped (I don't know what kind but wrapped means fancy, right?!) pears (1.5#)
3# bananas
5 large Fuji apples
9 medium beets (2#) what do I do with beets?
3 Zucchini (1.5#)
1 large bunch broccoli (2#)

So I figure I am willing to pay:
20 cents/lb for potatoes x 6# = $1.20
.25 cents an ear for corn x 7=$1.75
.75 cents/pomegranate x 4= $3
.25/kiwi x 9 = $2.25
.40 cents/lb oranges x 3# = $1.20
.60 cents/lb pears x 1.5# = .90
.40 cents/lb bananas x 3# = $1.20
.80 cents/lb apples x 2# = $1.60
I've never had beets and have no idea what to pay for them nor what to do with them therefore $0
.70 cents/lb zucchini x 1.5# = $1.05
.50 cents/lb broccoli x 2# = $1

Grand Total $15.15

And this is at prices I would have been WILLLING to pay.  Most of this produce cannot be had at this price right now.  Last I looked zucchini were over a $1 per pound and Pomegranates were $2 each.  So I am satisfied that I got my money's worth AND I got a bunch of beets to try out for FREE!

Check out Bountiful Baskets for yourself!


  1. Beets are great. My mom shreds them, boils them, then adds honey and vinegar to them. They are delicious! Try it out and let me know if you like them that way or not.

  2. I LOVE beets! I tried to grow some in my garden this year, but the weather didn't cooperate...I like them boiled with butter and salt and pepper. My mom also does the "pickled" version, but I don't like anything pickled. Beets are sweet and earthy, and that's what I love about them. Let us know what you think!

  3. I LOVE fresh beets!!! I slice them and roast them in the oven (with butter), then add salt and pepper. They are so sweet and earthy...YUM. I also like them boiled, but NOT pickled or canned. Gotta be fresh! :)


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