Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Biology test today.  Here is one of the many  You Tube videos that helped me remember some of this stuff.  I especially thought my sister in law, Alli, would like this video.

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  1. BRILLIANT! I use things like this all the time. In fact, just this sort of study thing helped me remember all the steps and phases of art. I remembered that SIOD MRS PAP.....stands for Scribbling, Implied Shape, Outlines, Designs, Mandalas, Ray, Suns, People, Almost Pictures and Pictures......then there is the ever important (NOT) elements of art...BaCC FLiP SSTeve ..so it sounds like Back Flip Steve. Balance, Color, Color Value, Form, Line, Placement, Shape, Space, Value. So yes....I LOVE things like this.....And now you know more about art than you ever wanted to.


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