Tuesday, September 07, 2010

New (to me) Mailbox

Remember my rotten weekend a few weeks back when everything went wrong including my mailbox being crushed to smithereens?  This weekend I got the mailbox fixed thanks to my good friend Lisa.  Lisa let me have an old mailbox that has been sitting in her side yard for 2 years (since the post broke and it fell down).

After bringing home the mailbox I tore off the old post and wood that the mailbox had been attached to and set to work in my yard and garage searching for replacements of the right size and composition.  In the garage I found an old fence board left over from a fence repair two years ago; it was the perfect width for a platform under the mailbox.  I cut it down to the correct length with my table saw. In the backyard I found an old 4x4 pressure treated post that I had rescued from my sisters house when she moved.  When I got it I didn't know what I might use it for just that it might come in handy sometime.  It came in real handy now.  It was 8 feet long; I cut it down also.  I rummaged through my miscellaneous fasteners bin next looking for screws (Yes, I have a few loose screws).  Once again found exactly what I needed.

The one thing I didn't have on hand was cement.  Fortunately small bags were on sale at the home improvement store for $2.  Dave picked one up for me when he was purchasing propane for the youth group back to school BBQ.

After some digging, leveling, screwing, a wee bit of red spray paint (left over from the pinewood derby), and a good cleaning up with a stiff wire brush I have a good-as-new mailbox for $2! At times like this I am so glad to have small stashes of materials and good friends like Lisa.  Thank you Lisa!!

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  1. That's pretty dang good deal:) Pictures?:)


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