Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Routines for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

The old routine included a desk day, an errands day and a catching up or free day. These were held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Each of these days would include an hour or more worth of work but, just like my Monday House Blessing routine, that time now must be cut at least by half to accommodate my school schedule.

It used to be I would spend most of my Tuesday at my desk.  I would sort and check and pay bills, write up reports, make shopping lists and menu plans, take care of PTA and church assignments and do lots of reading and research on subjects I was interested in such as gardening techniques and products, chickens and household efficiency.  These days I'm still at my desk all day, every day, but now I'm working on things I'm not particularly interested in such as the fluid mosaic model of the biological membrane and density curves and the history of the Roman Alphabet. They are interesting subjects just not something I would choose to learn about without the graduation carrot hanging out there in front of me.

To make time for all the reading and writing I MUST do to graduate I have cut all extra research and reading (except for basic current events) and have whittled my Tuesdays down to the bare minimum of writing a grocery list, and preparing a weekly menu.  We get paid once a month and have online bill pay scheduling so I only pay bills once a month.  I have totally cut back on all things PTA until December with the exception of my monthly budget report but that too is only once a month. Therefore, my weekly allotment for desk day has shrunk from a whopping full day at the computer to a measly 30 minutes minimum (for shopping list and menu) and 90 maximum (bill paying/filing or PTA budget prep).

Wednesday's used to be filled with errands.  I would take off as soon as I was dressed and done with my morning routine and wouldn't get back until the kids were walking in the door from school. Now I assign as many errands as possible to my hubby, conduct as much business as possible over the phone while waiting for the kids at soccer or put off as many of the errands as possible all together.  The only errand I MUST do every week is grocery shopping.  To shorten that trip I only go to one store and I go while the girls are at soccer practice (only about 45 minutes) if at all possible.

Fewer errands has another happy result besides saving me lots of time:  It is also saving me lots of money! I don't have time to wander around Target or stop in for a minute at Ross.  I can't check out the latest selections at Costco or Barnes and Noble or JoAnn's if I'm not there.  After 2 months of "going without" I wonder how much money I will have saved?!

My Thursdays have always been catch up days.  Now that every day is a catch up day--catching up with 14 years of being out of school and finally finishing to graduate in December--it is a full day of school work without interruption. HINT! HINT! Thursday is my only day of uninterrupted study from the time the kids leave for school to the time they get home from it so DON'T CALL ME!

I mean that in the nicest way of course.

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