Monday, September 20, 2010

Housework in half the time?

Every year about this time I throw myself back into a full fledged routine again.  You may remember my post from last year this time, "Phew", when I was hopping back onto the Flylady bandwagon.  This year is much the same but due to circumstances the routine is being chopped and I'll be doing the flylady dance in half-time until I finish my classes. I'll give you the rundown all this week.  In the meantime check out my household chores routines from last year and see what you would shave off the schedule to create more study time were you in my shoes.

Last year's posts:
Read the whole series on my Fly Lady fun. Monday I "Blessed my House" , Tuesday is "Desk Day", Wednesday I ran errands, Thursday is catching-upday and Friday I get back to blessings.

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