Tuesday, September 21, 2010

House Blessing Routines: Last Year vs. This Year

Because of my school schedule and the kids' schedule I must change my daily and weekly routines to better fit my current needs. 

Last year's Daily morning routine (takes about 30-45 minutes at an easy pace):
  • Dishes into dishwasher, shine sink, wipe counter tops, sweep
  • Start a load of laundry
  • Walk through house collecting misplaced items and relocating to their proper stations
  • Tidy and wipe bathrooms, checking soap, towel and TP levels, replacing as needed
Last year's Monday "House Blessing" routine (At a quick pace can be completed in 60 minutes):
  • Dust horizontal surfaces
  • Wipe mirrors, windows, appliance fronts and tops, doorknobs and lightswitches
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas and bathrooms (easier to vacuum hair than to sweep it)
  • Antibacterial wipe down of all bathroom surfaces including the outside and backside of toilet (I hate this part).
  • Mop kitchen and bathrooms
  • (not included in 60 minutes) Take a nice long hot shower wiping down the shower with the Magic Eraser while enjoying the steam. Alternate showers each week so that each is thoroughly cleaned at least every other week.

(For the complete rundown of last year's routine visit the post House Blessings.)

This year's routine for the daily morning chores (top list) will not be changed. Those are basics and cannot be ignored. However with some careful delegating I think I can get my time down to at most 20 minutes to complete the list.

What has changed big time this year is my house blessing routine (second list). This is the routine that I do every Monday to get the place all spiffed up and "blessed" for the week ahead. I have decided that there are only a few things that must be done every Monday morning.
  • vacuum all carpeted areas and bathrooms (easier to vacuum hair than to sweep it)
  • antibacterial wipe down of all bathroom surfaces
  • mop kitchen and bathroom floors
I will alternate every other week dusting and window cleaning with cleaning the showers/bathtubs. These are also things that can be easily delegated if they are needed more often OR if I want to cut my time doing them even more.

I'm sure there will be some build up of clutter and surely some of the delegated duties will not be up to my usual standards but hey, I can put up with it for a measly 2 months until graduation.  It'll be worth it.

Tomorrow I'll be detailing my cuts to Tuesday and Wednesday routines.  Last year's Tuesday routine was desk day and Wednesday's was errands day. What would you cut?

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