Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Free Your Glee

All work and no play makes Dani a dull girl.  I know I'm supposed to be studying.  I know I was supposed to write a nice blog today.  I know my kids should be in school and I should be grocery shopping and planning meals and making bread and canning pears and harvesting peas and picking blackberries and cleaning my car and making accommodations for my new chickens and doing laundry and. . . .

I just don't care.  I need a day off.  I'm pulling the kids out of school and we're hitching a ride on the Pierce Transit out to the Puyallup Fair.  I hope you have a good day 'cause I know I will!


  1. I signed Sasha out of school minutes after you pulled Heath out of Lakes. Good for you. I loved that you took him to an "appointment".....because he did have an appointment with his the fair!!!!

  2. Yeah, on the sign out sheet where it asks reason I just wrote family. When the secretary asked I told her we were going to the fair. She giggled. We had a good time.


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