Monday, September 27, 2010

The Force

On Friday I was preparing for my busy weekend at Super Saturday and Women's Conference.  I was tidying as best as time would allow.  I made sure the girls soccer gear was washed and set out.  I checked that Heath had his waterpolo bag.  I checked and double checked my list of to do's and made a list for Dave and the kids in case they had time to do a few chores around the house while I was gone for the day (as if). It was a comprehensive list that started with "take out the recycling" and ended with "wash the windows".

Lists are a tricky thing around our house.  If I leave them on the counter they get buried.  If I pin them to the refrig they get overlooked.  If I tape them to bedroom doors they get knocked down.  If I hand them to the kids . . . well you know, they end up lost.  So on Friday afternoon I decided to write my list with Crayola window markers on the dining room window.  This window is a big one that looks out on the back yard and that everyone must pass to eat, play with the dog, collect eggs from the chickens or go out to jump on the trampoline.  It is hard NOT to notice this window.

Though I got home Saturday night and found none of the listed chores complete (the fam was gone all day) I know they noticed it for it had been graffitied. Now the top of the list, above "take out recycling" read "Do the last chore first" (do you remember what I said the last chore was?).  And the other side of the window had this scrawled on it:

     "This house is protected by the force . . . . . . 
But sadly, not cleaned up by it."

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