Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Dangers of Picking Blackberries

Blackberries--yummy!!! I crave the sweet mellow tang of these scrumptious little fruits. I haven't taken the opportunity to go picking this fall but once or twice so while Cora was at soccer practice last night Afton, Kirkham and I went to the other side of the park and picked berries.  Of course you always expect to come away with purple fingers and a few scratches but I was not expecting . . . .

Stinging Nettle hiding among the berries! The leaves look so similar and were nestled right in with the bushes. It was a horrible trick of nature.  Fortunately I was the one that got the sting and I recognized it in time to pull the kids back and find a new spot to pick.  Unfortunately my hand still hurts even though I just got it along the back edge of my hand between my pinky and my wristbone.

While I'm warning you I think I better also bring up the Red Nightshade, AKA European Bittersweet, we also spotted yesterday. It too was mingled among the blackberries. Red Nightshade, as it's name implies, is a close cousin of DEADLY Nightshade.  Though not as potent it is still quite poisonous.  A few nibbles will make you very, very sick.  Keep your kids and animals and yourself away from these very tempting looking shiny green and red berries.

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  1. I remember my first encounter with stinging nettle. OUCH! I was walking with my grandma to my auntie's house and managed to brush my hand across one of its leaves. What a bugger. It burned a ton. Thanks for the great pictures, as always.


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