Sunday, August 08, 2010

Summer Vacation: Yellowstone!

Our first attempt at Yellowstone didn't work out so good.  But after an early arrival at the glass shop and a few hours of waiting we were on the road again.  The kids were so patient with the whole ordeal--not a single complaint.  They just found something else to do like read, play games, draw.  They were determined to have fun.  I like that kind of attitude.

So we make our way up to Yellowstone in hopes that somehow we will find Jacob and Alli riding their bikes around the loop.  When we had talked to them the day before we had decided to let fate lead us: they would continue with their plans and we would hope that the window would be done in time to get to Yellowstone sometime.  There is very little cell service in the park so we could only hope.

It worked.  Driving along the road between West Thumb and Old Faithful we came across a pair of bikers in yellow shirts hefting themselves up the hill.  We honked and waved and pulled over and they turned around and met us at a picnic area--it was Jake and Alli!!  We threw their bikes into the RV and set off together for a day of fun discovering the Geysers of Yellowstone National Park.

I have lots and lots of pictures of these geysers and holes and mud pots.  They were all very interesting to see.  If you want to see them all just ask me and you can come over for a slide show.

So I was starting to worry that we wouldn't get to see a Bison.  We were on our way out of the park and had passed the areas where Bison customarily frequent when we came across a big traffic jam.  In Yellowstone when you come up to a traffic jam you get excited instead of mad because it usually means a photo op is just around the corner, usually some elk, moose or bears.  We had already see elk and moose and were hoping for bears or bison.  We weren't disappointed.  When we got our turn at the front of the traffic jam we found this lonely bison clopping down the wrong side of the road.  I got so excited that I was hanging out the motorhome window clicking away when Dave started taunting the huge Buffalo telling him to get out of the way and what not.  The beast looked right up at me (just after this picture was clicked), looked back down at the road and started getting closer to the motorhome as we were pulling past him.  After we passed he pulled in behind us and followed us a ways.  Unfortunately we lost him before we got to Mammoth Hot Springs.

Elk in Mammoth Hot Springs.

Yellowstone was great.  Next stop Montana.

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  1. Yellowstone look absolutely gorgeous. The water colors always amaze me, they are beautiful. Great picture of the bison too.


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