Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Vacation: Homeward Bound

We made it to Missoula safely.  We are so thankful to the Ness family in Missoula for letting us crash there.  They live on a picturesque 5 acre lot where they are breaking in the soil with an immense garden and yard.  We are jealous and hope we can be like them someday.  The kids had fun playing with the dogs and discovering the creek.

Since we missed out on river fishing and swimming and sunbathing the day before and we missed out on the water park way back in New Mexico we decided that today was the day for a waterpark.  We needed some serious fun to make up for the serious downer we'd had the day before.  We headed to Spokane Valley, Washington's Splash Down water park.

We had a great day enjoying the water, the sun and each other in this perfect little family park.  We got all our frustrations out by running up and down the hills and forgot all our troubles as we dropped down the dark wet tubes.  I highly recommend this park for families with small children, especially if you live nearby because their family season passes are only $225!!  The park was small enough that we could let our kids wander freely without worrying.  No bimbos nor army guys looking for some action, very few inappropriately scantily clad women, nice well maintained grounds, short lines.

That night we drove our sun warmed, worn out selves into the sunset one last time to a rest stop outside Cle Elum, Washington.  It was fun driving through Washington and seeing it with new eyes.  After seeing the whole country and coming back to notice the differences and similarities, the things I've seen a thousand times and things I'd never noticed before.  For instance, I'd never realized how flat eastern Washington is.  It is flatter than South Dakota and Iowa and New Mexico and Texas.  I also hadn't realized how green it is in Western Washington in comparison with Wyoming and Montana but that it's green pales in comparison with Tennessee and North Carolina (they have high humidity on heat on their side).

Our final destination before heading home was some exploring near Snoqualmie.  First we went and found the Iron Horse Tunnel trailhead, unfortunately the trail through the tunnel is closed but it was still cool to see.

And then we went to Snoqualmie Falls.  Though I've lived 28 of my 36 years in Western Washington I have never seen the Falls.  The Falls were very beautiful and there was a nice little interpretive trail and park along it but we were very tired and ready to go.  Next stop HOME!


  1. Snoqualmie Falls were featured on ABC's early 90's hit Twin Peaks. The hotel in the background was "The Great Northern". I just finished watching the series via Blockbuster.com (like Netflix). I believe the falls are 2 times the height of Niagra Falls. Beautiful.

  2. Not quite twice as high but yes, Snoqualmie Falls is a higher drop (268 ft vs. 183 ft at Niagara). Unfortunately it loses on the width scale. Snoqualmie Falls is a mere 100 feet across at it's widest. I thought it was interesting to see all the construction going on. They are making repairs to the electricity generating turbines that are under the falls. The power plant was originally built in 1898 and was the first power plant in the world built completely underground--270 feet underground!!


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