Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Vacation: Finale

The trip is done but the work has just begun.  After a 2 hour layover at Grandma and Grandpa Call's house for lunch we got home Thursday afternoon with plenty of time and energy for everyone to help clean up from our month of fun.  The whole RV was emptied of it's contents and then the contents were dispersed throughout the house.  Laundry, Dishes and put-away crews were begun immediately.  Soon thereafter the RV wash crew began their work and recruited the whole fam to join them; even the neighbor kids helped out. They said they really missed us.

Some Interesting Facts about our Summer Vacation
  • We traveled more than 7500 miles.
  • We were gone for 26 days or 624 hours.
  • With an average moving speed (as gauged by our GPS) of 50 MPH we drove for about 150 of those hours.
  • Dave drove the majority of the time.  I may have driven for a total of 15-20 hours.
  • Our longest stay at any one spot was in Nauvoo, Illinois.  We were there for 42 hours.
  • Our shortest was in Kentucky.  We were there for about 50 minutes.
  • South Dakota, Wyoming, Texas and Arkansas were the most boring drives.
  • The most beautiful drive was Tennessee with the Grand Canyon and The Badlands of South Dakota in close second (a different kind of beautiful).
  • The hottest place we visited was West Columbia, South Carolina where it was 99 degrees and 88% humidity. It felt a lot hotter but I checked the weather almanac for all the cities we visited and WC won.  Edmond Oklahoma was a close second place at 98 degrees and 82% humidity.
  • The cheapest gas was $2.49 in several places in the south.
  • The most expensive gas was $3.21 in Snoqualmie, Washington
  • I had to pay full price for some of my groceries and nearly choked on the price of a box of cereal in South Dakota that cost me $5 and a loaf of bread that cost me $3.  
  • In Bozeman Montana a bean and cheese burrito at Taco Bell costs $1.19.  In Spokane Washington it costs .89 cents.
  • We bought 2 pairs of tennis shoes and 4 pairs of flip flops on the trip.
  • We watched only about 7 movies on the trip.  
  • Most of the family got through reading the whole Fable haven series while driving. (Cora has begun but not finished, I was reading my History textbooks.)
  • We took about 4000 pictures--thank goodness for digital!
  • We collected magnets and postcards from every state except south carolina--Dacia please send us a cool magnet!
  • We stayed 6 nights in Walmart parking lots, 6 nights with friends/family, 4 nights at Rest Stops, 3 nights in State parks, 2 nights in National Parks, 3 nights at Private Campgrounds, 1 night in a hotel and 1 night on the side of the road on Public Lands.
  • Our playlist for the trip included the tape from our wedding reception, Garth Brooks, REM, Taylor Swift, English Beat, Fishbone, U2, INXS, and whatever we could find on the radio.
  • We had the greatest time!  There were very few fights, arguments, disagreements even when there was car trouble or other problems.  The kids enjoyed each others company and Dave and I enjoyed each others company and the kids.  When we set out on this adventure I was worried that it would drive Dave crazy to be with us for so much time--he spends a lot of time at work and serving at church and in the community and is not used to spending more than a day at a time with us.  The best part of the whole trip for me was seeing him get to know each of his children and enjoy their companionship.  We have built memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life.  I have learned just how much I love my family and that I do indeed want to be with them forever.  I loved my summer vacation!!

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  1. I will definitely be in search of a cool magnet! I thought about it before, but thanks for the reminder! we loved having you visit! We miss you guys! Love you!


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