Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer Garden

This is my spiderwort.  Do you remember last fall when all the plants were 75% off at Lowes and I purchased a yard full of bushes, trees and plants? Well, the lady in the garden department was trying to get rid of a bunch of plants I had never heard of before, Spiderwort.  She was trying to convince me to buy one for $1.50 but it looked all dead and mangy and I didn't want it so she threw it in for an even lower price.  Boy am I glad I bit, this is a very pretty perennial.

These two rose bushes are the only two in my collection that were still blooming after a month of neglect (while I was out of town).  Aren't they beautiful!  Hopefully my others will be up and blooming again in no time after some careful pruning and fertilizing.

The spring raspberries are done fruiting but the fall berries are getting ready to roll.  These are my favorite ones with a super sweet and mellow taste.  They should be red and ready to pick by September.

As with the peach tree featured on Wednesday, this will be the first year that my apple and plum tree will give fruit.  The plum has 2 fruits and the apple tree is covered in these beautiful and happy green apples.

Speaking of happy, Dave is so happy to see his grapes taking off this year.  They have overtaken the side fence and will require an arbor next year. Dave grew up on a raisin farm (grape vineyard where all the fruit are bound for the raisin factory) in the San Joaquin Valley of California.  Grapes are his favorite thing to work on in the yard--actually they're the only thing he likes to work on in the yard. Another month or so and these plump beauties will be sweet and mellow and ready to pop in your mouth or freeze for winter enjoyment.

I did not expect the lettuce to survive the heat we had the past few weeks but it has proven itself to be resilient.  These tasty leaves just keep on coming.

Peas?  In August?!  Yes, I can't believe it either.  We picked all the peas before leaving on vacation and 26 days later we came back to find more peas on our left-to-rot plants.  What a joy!  The kids love to eat these fresh out of the garden--we can never plant enough to have any left over for dinner.

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