Friday, August 13, 2010

Settling in

It is nice being home but also a little depressing; there's so much more work to be done here than in an RV.  So I worked a few rewards into my week: blueberry picking, calling on Gramma Jewel and making fresh freezer jam.

On Wednesday morning the kids and I took a drive out to the Tacoma Blueberrry park.  I was a little concerned that the season may already be over but the crazy weather this year worked in my favor: there were plenty of blueberries to be picked.  We spent about an hour there and came home with a half gallon of blueberries.  That's not bad considering we'd pay $10-15 at the store for that many blueberries.  We'll go back again next week and be sure to go in the morning before it warms up.  If you decide to go to the Blueberry park don't be dismayed by the look of the bushes at the front of the park--the ripe berries on those bushes are always picked first--take a walk into the middle of the fields and you'll start noticing the berries.  They don't all ripen at the same time so be sure to pick the darkest ones you can find.  If you do get a few redish ones don't be dismayed; leave your pickin's on the counter for a few hours before freezing or using them.  Within about 12 hours most of your berries should darken up.

On Thursday afternoon the kids and I went for a visit to Gramma Jewel.  She is in town for the summer avoiding the heat in her current hometown of Palm Desert, CA;  It was 114 there yesterday!  The kids thoroughly enjoyed their visit and the cookies she shared with them as well as the opportunity to tell her all about our vacation.  When they told her of their disappointment in Mt. Rushmore she told them about her first visit to the sight when she was 12.  At that time they had just finished carving Washington's face. Very cool!!

Thursday evening I made freezer jam.  I used my fresh blueberries from Wednesday's pick and some frozen strawberries that I picked from my yard earlier this season and bananas that I purchased at Saar's Marketplace (I had a coupon for 39 cents/lb!!).  The jam is very tasty.  I got the recipe from


  1. cute pic with grandma. did you cut your hair? or is it just behind you?

  2. Nope, still have long hair. I guess it got tucked behind my shoulder funny.


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