Monday, August 30, 2010

Oregon Coast Bike Trip

Last week was the big bike trip.  We set out dark and early, 5:30 am, to pick up my brother Jacob, his wife Alli, her dad Dave, and my parents.  After throwing all their gear into the motor home and trailer we set out on our week long adventure.

I was not a bike rider.  I was a support person.  I drove the RV part of the time, prepared meals, did lots of clean up.  I pretty much traded my mom-to-4-children duties for mom-of-4-adults duties.  My mom helped with these duties.  She helped with all the shopping and meal prep and cleaning and everything.

Dave was a bike rider, motor bike that is.  Along with the bicycles we trailered his motorcycle to our starting point and he served as the runner for the trip.  He scouted out destinations, delivered fresh water and warm clothes when necessary and pretty much watched over the safety of the riders.

The starting point for the bike trip was the Washington side of the Astoria, Oregon bridge.  The ending point was the California border on the south side of Brookings, Oregon. To complete the trip the bikers followed the Oregon Coast Bike Route, a 380 mile ride through the beautiful cliffs, forests and beaches of the Oregon Coast. They did it in 5 days.  That's an average of 76 miles of riding per day!

The team 
(L-R): Bob, Heather, My Dave, Jacob, Alli, and Alli's dad Dave.
 I am the picture taker.

The Peloton
 Crossing the Astoria Bridge: Jacob, Bob on recumbent, Dave and Alli.

The Setting
North of Seaside

Cape Lookout 

Devil's Punch Bowl

South Beach

Umpqua Lighthouse

Cape Blanco

Gold Beach area


The Ride

The End


  1. i cant thank you enough dani! you did such an amazing job documenting this and i know everyone was so thankful for all of yours, daves and your moms help! you guys are great!

  2. Thanks for the photos Dani! And thanks for keeping them fed, clothed, and safe!


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