Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Two, two, two birthdays in one!

Two birthdays in one week! Afton turned 10 on Monday and Heath turned 14 today!!

Here are a few pics of the birthday kids
Afton and a few of her buddies got together for lunch and a play date for her birthday.
Afton's favorite gift of the day (even  more favorite than what mom and dad got her) was the Taylor Swift CD that her cousin gave her. We haven't heard anything else for the past 72 hours.

Heath and his buddies got together for a backyard BBQ and evening of hanging out which included a rousing game of dodge the lawn dart while jumping on the trampoline.
"Hmmm, what could it be?" Opening gifts from the girls.  They gave him a bag full of candy and gum. He also received video games and accesories, hiking gear, clothes, and some games.

Happy Birthday Kids, I love you!

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