Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Vacation: South Carolina-- The Shumates House

In South Carolina we had two destinations: My sister Dacia's house and Myrtle Beach.  We spent a lot of time swimming, and doing all we could to stay cool because it was HOT! 

Ella and her freshly acquired cast.  She jumped off a bunk bed last week.  Here the cast is covered in plastic bags so she can wade in the pool with us.

 Baby Joseph is so adorable and he likes to grab my camera when I try to get up close pics.

Dacia with Ella and Joseph at the pool.

the kids playing in Dacia's lake--Yep, she's really got it all!

During it’s visit to the auto shop in Columbia, SC, the RV’s problems remained elusive.  The mechanic was unable to diagnose the problem and didn’t have the part to try out Dave’s solution: a failing fuel pump.  He was kind enough to not charge us.  We decided the following:  If it is the fuel pump then we should make it’s job easier by keeping the fuel tank always over half full.  This will mean more stops for gas but hopefully fewer unexpected stops waiting for the pump to cool and work again.

Thursday and Friday the Shumates accompanied us to Myrtle Beach (see next post) and on Saturday morning (we returned from Myrtle Beach on Friday night.  After putting the kids to bed Dacia and I made a run to the Red Box and Sonic for some entertainment and refreshments.  The adults stayed up late enjoying both) Dacia and Devin took the kids for a nature walk around their lake and surrounding forests while Dave and I repacked all the stuff we had unpacked from the RV while it visited the shop.  Once the RV was packed up we spent our last couple hours playing in the pool and then Dacia made us BBQ hamburgers and homemade limeade for lunch.  Her limeade is at least equal, if not superior, to Sonic’s limeade.  I am hoping that she will post her recipe in the comments so I can get a copy of it.  (While she’s at it maybe she’ll post her Dulce de Leche cake recipe too.  Please, please! She greeted us with that on our first night there.)
We miss you already Dacia, Devin, Tanner, Anson, Ella and Joseph! Thank you for letting us crash your pad and escorting us to Myrtle Beach. We love you!

Myrtle Beach post up next!

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