Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Vacation: Myrtle Beach

A quick and beautiful 3 hour drive from Dacia’s house brought us to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
The two years Dave spent in Tennessee on his mission he heard a lot about Myrtle Beach.  He heard that it was a fun place to go, lots of activities, beautiful beaches and amazing water.  Because he was on a mission he was unable to ever visit the beach but has always wanted to.  This time he got to go.

Myrtle Beach greeted us with a very cool lightening and rain storm as we drove into town.  It was just a small storm but way more exciting than the storms we get back home—one of the strikes was so close to our car that the thunder hurt our ears and the hairs on our arms stood on end.  As is common near the beach we drove through the storm to find the beaches sunny and beautiful. We checked in to our hotel, yes I said hotel, just before 4pm and we were pleasantly surprised to find that we had kitchenettes and ocean views.  We were right across the street from the beach too.  Before 5 we were out on the beach and spent the rest of the daylight out there enjoying the soft sand and warm water.
the beach

the water

the waves


the sand/sandals (picture by Dacia on my camera)


As the sun went down we went back to the hotel to get washed up and ready for a walk up the street to the local hot dog/ice cream stand called “Fat Man’s Dream”.  The kids all got chili cheese dogs and the adults got BBQ pulled pork sandwiches.  It was all pretty basic but just what we needed to finish off our day of travel and evening of play.  We slept well that night.

Next morning we got up and ate the complimentary hotel breakfast of waffles, eggs, biscuits and gravy and more and hit the beach again.  We waded and body surfed and sun bathed and made sand castles and collected sea shells and got real sunburned.  It was great. By about 2 o’clock, however, we were all getting too hot and ready for a break from the sun so we headed into the hotel’s beachside indoor pool where we played for another hour or so before getting cleaned up for some outlet store shopping.

All the shopping was pretty  much the same as any outlet store  center with the exception of one that I had never seen before called Strasburg Children.  They had the most beautiful children’s clothing that had Cora, Afton and I drooling.  Afton sketched a few of her favorite pieces on the way home and I am hoping to knock off a couple of our favorites when we get home.

Shopping was followed by a delicious introduction Chic-fil-a.  Oh how scrumptious a sandwich!! Just thinking about it makes me want another.  Their sauce and the perfectly soft and crispy waffle fries were excellent.  And I can’t leave out the fantastically sweet and tangy lemonade.  YUM.

Then we hit the road for our three hour drive back to Dacia’s.  We have reached our furthest destination, from here on everything is “going home”.
Next Day: Sunburn Souveniers
Summer Vacation 2010 Beginning to End

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  1. We are happy you found us, and glad we could inspire you.

    Hope to see you again soon!

    Strasburg Children


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