Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Vacation: Albuquerque and Amarillo

Though we slept in a Walmart parking lot on a busy street in downtown Albuquerque we slept well Thursday night, however, we still woke up uneasy Friday worried about the motorhome and if it would get us to the temple and the waterpark, let alone the next town on our list.  We got up and got ready to go as if it was going to work.  Dave and I dressed up for a trip to the Albuquerque New Mexico temple.  We made it over there without any trouble (car trouble that is.  Had the wrong address at first and ended up on the wrong side of town) and enjoyed visiting this beautiful House of the Lord.  This picture is of the kids from the back of the temple, that's why you can just barely see Moroni, he's on a steeple at the front of the temple.

After our temple visit we headed over to our destination waterpark.  Unfortunately it wasn't a waterpark.  It was an amusement with one water ride--not what we wanted, not what we were will to pay for.  We broke the news to the kids and they were understanding.  We promised to find a campground with a swimming pool at our next city: Amarillo, TX.

The desert scenery changes dramatically from Albuquerque and Amarillo.  The vast faded green fields of Texas were kind of restful to our red rock weary eyes.  The winds were strong over these open plains and wide rolling hills so we had to be much more careful passing trucks and such. We arrived in Amarillo in mid afternoon at our campground of choice, Fort Amarillo RV park.

This place ended up being exactly what the kids needed.  They had a fishing pond that was stocked, a swimming pool, some playgrounds and a nice RV pad and full hook ups (which means all night A/C!!!).  We had a restful evening and morning in Amarillo.  Here are some of the fishies they caught.

Everyone caught at least one fish.  All were catch and release, many were goldfish but there were also perch and other varieties and YES, these fish were stocked by the facility.

Before leaving Amarillo we stopped in at the Cadillac Ranch just so we could say we saw it.  It was kinda weird--just out in the middle of an open cow pasture--but cool too.  A classic Route 66 view point.

Dave left his mark too--a wave under a palm tree.

Now we're off to Oklahoma to see my sister Lauren.  No car trouble since Albuquerque let's cross our fingers for more of the same.

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