Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Kids Packing List

**everything you pack needs be summer clothes!!! It will be hot!!!**
1 church outfit, including shoes
2 nice outfits (like nice school clothes), for attending museums and events
3 pairs of shorts or capris
4 summer tops
1 sweatshirt or hoodie
1 pair of jeans
2 sets of PJ's
2 Swimsuits
7 pairs of underwear
4 undershirts
5 pairs of socks
flip flops
tennis shoes
swimsuit coverup
hair ribbons, bows, pretties
1 backpack
5 books
One empty shoe box (to collect stuff in along the way)
1 special doll or stuffed animal to sleep with if necessary
spiral notebook

MOM HAS already packed your pillows, sleeping bags and towels, games, movies, music and art supplies, as well as all the family toiletries.  If it is not on this list and you think you need it--ask first.

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