Thursday, July 01, 2010

FREE summer activities for rainy days

What a great first week of summer we have had.  We have played in the sprinkler.  We have gone on bike rides.  We have collected berries.  We have rolled down grassy hills.  We've gotten a little bit of a tan.  Just as summer break was  getting great . . . it rains.

There won't be any trampoline jumping or nature hikes today.  The kids will probably use up their screen time today, unless we . . .

  1. head over to the library!  The Pierce County library system announced their summer reading program and are offering great prizes for readers.  Your kids could win tickets to Northwest Trek, the Zoo or even an Ipod Nano.
  2. catch a movie from the Free family film festival offered at select Regal Cinema locations. Free films are offered every Tuesday and Wednesday morning.
  3. visit the Museum.  
  • All year long, every Thursday evening the Washington State History Museum is FREE from 5-8pm.  
  • The third Thursday of every month the Tacoma Art Museum and the Glass Museum join in on the fun and are also FREE from 5-8pm.  In addition they all offer treats and/or special activities during these times.
  • The Seattle Museum of Flight is Free the first Thursday of each month from 5-9pm.
  • The Olympia Children's museum is FREE the first Friday of each month, also from 5-9pm.

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