Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Vacation: Day 1 and 2

Left Lakewood Sunday and made it through Oregon and Idaho before stopping at a rest area for the night.

Monday we drove into Utah and hit Salt Lake City by 11:30 where we met my college room mate and her family at Temple Square. Her husband met us there to share some cookies before going back to work and then her and her kids walked around the square with us.  We were so glad to meet/see them again.  We hope to see you again soon Tracy and family.

We saw the temple and all the beautiful grounds.

We visited the visitor's centers and all that was in them including this beautiful Christus.

We also went through a tour of the Lion House which was Brigham Young's house. It was beautiful and full of interesting things to see.

There were lots of beautiful gardens and water features around the square to stop and enjoy in the hot Utah heat.

We also visited the Conference Center and went through a tour.  This is a picture of my favorite piece of art in the conference center and a picture of the gorgeous indoor fountain and glass hanging.

Atop the confererence center is an incredible garden but of all the pictures I took up there I liked this one the best: The sun shining behind one of the steeples.

We are having fun in Utah!!


  1. We had a great time with your family! Where are you now!? Did you find the zucchini?

  2. Tracy thank you for the zuccini! It was delicious we had it for lunch the next day with our carrot sticks and broccoli. We had so much fun with you guys, thanks again for meeting us over there.

  3. Just wondering if you made it inside the South Visitors Center? There is a beautiful scale model of the Salt Lake Temple on display. There were some rooms I never even knew about. I took my Relief Society sisters there for an activity night on July 20th. They sure had a good time. Looks like you did too!

  4. Debbie D; we did make it into the South Visitor Center and that scale model was fascinating. I too had no idea there was a chapel upstairs and didn't know about the spiral staircases in the corners either--both very cool. And it was also so neat to watch the builder working on it (though I must admit he wasn't doing much more than looking back at us while we were there). I also liked the exhibits in the basement there ( I think it was in the south visitor center) about all the programs the church has sponsored around the world.


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